The International Chodiev Foundation has a longstanding program of charitable activity in Uzbekistan. This includes supporting children’s charities and sporting activities, as well as being a key sponsor of Buyuk Kelajak, a newly created non-governmental organization that supports the development of Uzbekistan.

Sponsoring Buyuk Kelajak – a new NGO to support Uzbek economic development

The International Chodiev Foundation sponsors Buyuk Kelajak, a non-governmental organization which was founded to promote the development potential of Uzbekistan, improve the lives of its people, and support sustainable economic development.

As part of its program, Buyuk Kelajak has created a Council of Experts, which, in conjunction with relevant Government bodies, is preparing a strategic development plan for Uzbekistan to 2035.

In June 2018, the inaugural Buyuk Kelajak forum was held in Tashkent at which more than 350 experts and professionals from different aspects of society came together. The Forum outlined five key priorities:

  • Deepening of democratic reforms of the State and public administration
  • Promotion of higher standards of living and social protection of the population
  • Development of the agro-industrial complex, as well as industrial and energy sectors and infrastructure
  • Development of the financial sector innovation and SMEs
  • Development of science, tourism, culture, education and human capital


Renovating Specialized Boarding School No.32, Jizzakh

Specialized Boarding School No. 32 is located in Jizzakh and is home for 250 boys and girls with mental disorders and delayed development.  Since the school was established in 1993 no substantial repairs had been carried out to its fabric and consequently the School had become rundown.

The International Chodiev Foundation supported the renovation of the main premises, including the gym, dining room and kitchen, as well as the landscaping of the playground and creation of a new football field.

New bathrooms with all amenities were installed on each floor of the main building, together with an appropriate hot and cold water supply and sewerage system.

The dining room was also renovated, with underfloor heating installed, and kitchen and household utensils, including dishwashers, also purchased.

Renovating specialized Boarding School No. 19, Chirakchi, Kashkadarya Region

Boarding School №.19 is located an hour’s drive from the city of Karshi in a remote location. When the International Chodiev Foundation started working with the School, the main building was dilapidated, with no water supply or heating and a leaking roof. There were also no toilets and showers near the dormitories, so the children faced the inconvenience of going outside in all weathers. The building needed major repair.

After an initial assessment of the School’s condition, the International Chodiev Foundation funded its renovation, with the roof of one of the dormitories being completely replaced. Bathrooms, showers and proper sewerage facilities were built and, to ensure an uninterrupted water supply, a bore hole was drilled to a depth of 181 meters to access a natural spring.  The newly installed water supply system now ensures an year-round supply of hot water, and the renewed central heating provides heating inside the School. The electrical systems were also renewed.

Renovating the Muruvvat Foster Home, Karshi

We also support the Muruvvat Foster home. Muruvvat was founded in 1976 and cares for 281 children between the ages of 4 and 18 suffering from various disabilities, including Oligophrenia, Cerebral Palsy, and Down’s Syndrome.

The Foundation has worked with the Muruvvat foster home for many years to improve the living conditions and services for its residents.

Our support has included a complete overhaul of the home, including buying new furniture, kitchenware and bedding.

Supporting Uzbekistan at the TAEKWON-DO ITF World Championships

The International Chodiev Foundation realized the dream of five junior members of Uzbekistan’s Taekwon-Do ITF team, by sponsoring their participation in the XIV World Taekwon-Do Championships and World Junior Taekwon-Do Championships in Ireland (Dublin) in October 2017.

We were particularly delighted that Iskander Jalilov took a bronze medal in individual exercises and the team won prizes and titles in the team fight.