Scholarship Program

It is our firm belief that through alleviating challenges and barriers to education, we not only empower students, but also help building a better society. Our Scholarship Program is designed to help young talented people achieve their best potential, and aims to promote excellence in higher education.

While our primary focus remains on helping with access to education, in recent years we have engaged in a number of domestic and international cultural projects, which we believe synergistically increase the impact of our work. We continuously strive to improve lives through a wide range of programs in the areas of education, the arts, publishing, charity, and international relations.

Currently scholarship opportunities are awarded to outstanding International Law School, MGIMO undergraduates, in their second through fourth year of study, who have completed the academic year with distinctive grades.

More on education

ICF is partnered with Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), Russian Cultural Foundation, and Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs. Our goals are:

  • Open up the channels of communication between students, departments, and various institutions
  • Help students create professional connections
  • Stimulate scientific research and provide support for youth within scientific community
  • Foster cooperation and develop new partnerships between universities
  • Develop relationships with other International NGOs


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