What We do

ICF is an international non-governmental charitable organisation. It was founded in 1996 by Dr Patokh K. Chodiev to promote academic excellence, creativity, and innovation in Eurasia and Southeast Asia.

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Mission & Values

The International Chodiev Foundation works to transform lives of young people around the world.By helping you to achieve your best potential, we contribute to building a peaceful planet, free of poverty and violence.

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The Founder

Dr Chodiev An advocate of freedom of information, access to knowledge, and the arts, Patokh Chodiev founded the International Chodiev Foundation in 1996.

Born April 15, 1953 in Tashkent, Patokh Chodiev graduated magna cum laude from MGIMO University with a degree in International Law. He holds a PhD in Political Science, is a member of the Academy of Natural Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and has more than 30 academic publications in history, economics and politics of Japan.

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